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Kazakhstan is the model of modern civilized state - Jordanian Senate Chairman Taher al-Masri

ASTANA. February 28. KAZINFORM Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev's Address to the people of Kazakhstan "Social and Economic Modernization - the Main Vector of Kazakhstan's Development" as of 27 January 2012 is widely discussed not only in Kazakhstan but far outside the country.  Speaking to a Kazinform correspondent Chairman of the Senate of the Jordanian Parliament Taher al-Masri commented on this document.

"I would like to congratulate the people of Kazakhstan on the 20th anniversary of independence. Kazakhstan is well known for its ambitions, progress and initiatives," he said.

The Senate Speaker of Jordan noted that the Nursultan Nazarbayev's State of the Nation Address reflects his leadership vision, striving for understanding the global reality, efforts to keep up with the times through measures on strengthening the national economy, improving people's welfare.   

 "The President's support to creativity and innovations in industrial projects, formation of favorable environment for research activities and ongoing development of scientific research centers, effective partnership relations between universities and public sectors, as well as the task outlined by the President to activate and develop "Business Road Map-2020", strengthening  business and investments are the source of inspiration for us," Taher al-Masri said.

According to him, it is important that N.Nazarbayev pays much attention to the issues of agriculture, food security, energy production and renewable energy sources, employment.

"The Kazakh President's political vision in such spheres as employment, effective educational system creation, assistance in employment of Kazakhstan youths demonstrates his clear understanding of reality and intention to achieve high rates of growth contributing to better people's welfare," Taher al-Masri emphasized.

We appreciate the work of the Kazakh President on providing the people with housing. Of particular note is the policy of regional development, ensuring necessary financial support to the promising economic zones. In addition, we appreciate the efforts on improving the social climate in the society. Much attention is paid to the improvement of quality of public services and strengthening of public trust in the government, the development of e-government," Taher al-Masri said.

He commended the Kazakh President's efforts for developing the management of the state, as well as his appeal to the Government on the selection of candidates according to the criteria of education and professionalism, high moral qualities, initiative and success in the work. Nazarbayev's commitment to the rule of law and improving the efficiency of the judiciary at all levels, emphasizing the importance of combating organized crime, combating all forms of corruption, the requirement to ensure a transparent and honest work of the Government proves that Kazakhstan is a model of a modern civilized state.

"Priority attention paid by the country's leadership to the issues of quality, including the quality of human resource development in Kazakhstan, is admirable since the quality is one of the most important values ​​of the modern state. It is important to connect the development programs of the state with the issues of quality education, which should give young people not only knowledge but also the ability to use them in the process of social adaptation, as well as the employment of students after graduation. We are admired by the steps to encourage the youth of Kazakhstan be fluent in their native language while studying several other languages," the Speaker noted.

Taher al-Masri emphasized the efforts on improving the level of medical care, development of health services, construction of hospitals, and the requirement to effectively fight cancer diseases and provide the people of Kazakhstan with comprehensive health insurance. He also praised the President Nursultan Nazarbayev's vision of ways to build a modern state and the requirement of concentration of all national sectors, civil society institutions and organizations to achieve this goal, to work on strengthening the unity of the people of Kazakhstan.

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